Testimonium 6

Sacred Chambers healing in Taiwan

March 17 – ‪I was diagnosed with  Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) last November and I was almost broken down when I heard the news. Not to make my family worried, I’d pretended everything was fine but wept nearly every night in the quilt until I shared this with friends and had the opportunity to go through the Three Chamber Process. When I entered into Oneness Center in Tao Yuan Xian (county), in Taiwan, at the beginning I felt bewildered and had no idea what to do at all, so I just followed the others.

When I went into the second chamber, I was looking at the Srimurthi in perplexity and saying “I know you are God but I don’t  know your name.” I knelt down looking at Srimurthi and I couldn’t stop tears from flowing out of my eyes, then I said to God “my nose has some problems, please make it recovered without suffering.” I hesitated whether I should touch Paduka to make my nose healthier, and ask God for forgiveness and no more suffer; at that time there was a kind of energy pulling my hands to touch Paduka, when I hesitated again, there seemed a stronger energy grabbing my hands and put them directly on Paduka, then my hands were there. Out of sudden I told God loudly “I pray for my nose to be cured without suffering, I don’t ask much only hope that my nose can breathe smoothly without congestion.”

Then, I felt an energy flowing from my feet to my crown, and suddenly my breath became very smooth. After that I heard a voice, which I thought was an hallucination, saying “child, this illness is to teach you how to love yourself, focus on yourself not on the others. If you can learn to love yourself you may even not need the operation; even though you might need operation due to the illness, I will be with you and ensure your complete recovery.” I thought I’d misheard, so I kept slapping my own ears; until having reheard that for three times then I was sure that was real. I looked at Srimurthi again, God in the picture opened his arms seemingly to embrace me. Anyway I felt pins and needles all over my body.

‪When I entered to the third chamber, Srimurthi became two persons, I didn’t know who they were though. I still prayed for my nose to get well after operation because nose problem had affected my sleeping quality. I wished to sleep soundly and asked for God’s help. Thus I heard the voice again “You will be very healthy, don’t lose that cute and bubbly yourself only because of illness, you are a powerful and creative child, don’t hide yourself owing to sickness.” Again, I thought it was hallucination and slapped my ears. Then I told God about my wishes, something amazing happened again. The lady in Srimurthi was smiling at me and that man was wicking and making funny face. I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I pinched my face and rubbed my eyes, then I could confirm that were all real. The man was wicking at me that was interesting and funny; the lady was keeping smiling. After the Three Chamber Process, volunteer worker took me to the meditation room for rest, and I fell asleep soundly right after lying down, that had never happened since I was ill.

I went to the hospital today to know about things need to pay attention to for operation also did the check. The doctor told me “you don’t need to have chemotherapy anymore, just need operation to cut off the tumor in the nose and do regular follow-up”. Oh yeah! I was so excited as chemotherapy was such a painful and horrible thing. Moreover, the doctor said that he’d seen so many patients having chemotherapy and NPC, but it was the first time he’d seen someone so delighted while being ill and hardly could tell that I was sick and under chemotherapy. I am truly joyful and reckon that Three Chamber Process is miraculous.

I went to see the report and to reconfirm the part for operation on next Monday. As a result, the doctor said to me that I only needed endoscope laser cutting. I really didn’t know how to describe my emotion, I was just howling in the clinic. The doctor and nurse were very perplexed, the doctor also asked me what I’d done. It’s truly hard for me to explain. The doctor said ”the cancer cells didn’t metastasize to your brain and we don’t know where they’ve gone….”


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