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Sacred Chamber Ihapera Toka part 2
Part 2 of Ihapera Toka’s experience in the Sacred Chambers

On the 21st of January 2014 I re-entered the Sacred Chambers. It was my 16th birthday and I had high expectations because the last time I entered the Chambers, I asked my divine to become physical on my birthday, and they said ‘Okay’.

Since I had already been through the Sacred Chambers, I knew about the preparations beforehand. So when they were being read for the others doing the process with me (which was my older sister, and seven year old niece), I sat and looked inwards. I had contemplated all the things about my life and stayed with what came up.

When it was my turn to go through, I walked and entered the second chamber knowing exactly what I wanted. I prostrated then sat in front of the Sri Murthi (sacred image) and began asking for all the physical things that I wanted healed. I even pointed out things just to be sure that the Chamber God understood me. I had also made complaints to the God about the way I was. I accepted that I was a lazy and ungrateful person, but I wanted to know why. I also asked if they could change that because it meant that my Divine would be lazy and ungrateful since the Divine reflects you.

After I had done asking for all the things that I wanted to be healed, I sat in silence for a minute or two then asked ‘Is there anything else that is going to happen or that you are going to do because the last time I went through the second chamber, Bhagavan whipped me and many things happened for me. Bhagavan just stood there and said, ‘No, what you are looking for is in the next chamber’. I replied and said ‘Thank you’ then prostrated and left the room.

I headed over to the third chamber in excitement. I entered and prostrated then sat in front of the big Sri Murthi and just stared in awe at Amma and Bhagavan. The first words that burst from my mouth were, ‘Can you please become physical for me now because it’s my birthday and you said you would?’

Straight away I started breathing heavily. I was puzzled and ignored it but it started getting stronger. I then found myself rolling around on the floor, looking like a crazy person. I sat up in a birthing position and began breathing heavily as if I was in labor. I then changed positions into what seemed like a baby moving around in the womb, getting ready to come out. I then changed back into a giving birth position breathing heavily again.

Whilst this was all happening all I was thinking was ‘Oh my God, WHAT IS GOING ON?’ I then got the thought that I was role playing (but I thought ok, well the divine must know that I like acting). I was still breathing heavily and didn’t want to make any sound because I didn’t want others outside to hear me.

Then I had remembered that when my mum was giving guidelines in the beginning she said ‘don’t be afraid to make a noise, because what ever happens the divine knows and it is ok.’ So I just sat up as if was about to give birth and I was still breathing heavily. Then suddenly Amma appeared crouched beside me, grabbed my hand with her two hands and said ‘PUSH!’

I then screamed (extremely loud) as if I was literally giving birth. I was screaming and crying and banging the ground then gripping the wall. It was so strange. I could not feel much physical pain anywhere but I felt extremely exhausted physically and mentally (as if I really was having a baby). After about ten minutes I had changed character and became the baby coming out of the womb, I was literally curdled up into a ball and was experiencing coming out. I was still wondering what was going on.

After all of that was over (which by then I had figured out that it was child birth) I lay on the ground completely out of breath and super exhausted. Amma appeared again, this time she was holding a brand new baby who looked absolutely happy in her arms. She smiled and said ‘Good Job’. She left and I was so confused as to what all of that was about, but I sat up and thanked them for the experience (which I never thought I was going to have until many years later).

I then kissed Amma and Bhagavan in the Sri Murthi and for some reason I kissed Amma’s stomach. I then slowly and dramatically looked up at Bhagavan and got the biggest shock ever because Bhagavan was right there! By right there I mean his physical body was there in the Sri Murthi looking right at me. I turned to look at Amma and she was right there as well. I could feel their breath on my face and could see their eyes looking at me. It was so trippy!

I stared for my moment to see if what I was seeing was real. Then I knew it was them. I have seen this Sri Murthi many times but this time it was completely different. Their physical bodies were in the Sri Murthi as if a person had magically run and jumped into a wall and were just staring at you. I could see their physical bodies right there in front of me. I was so excited and said to them ‘Oh my God you came, thank you so much!’ I then said ‘please come out’.

After I said that they raised their eyebrows and gave me the funniest facials then said ‘yeah, whatever’. I knew straight away why that was. Since the divine reflects you and becomes just like you it meant that whatever you do, they will do as well. I was so guttered and had an insight that whenever someone asks me to do something, I only go when I’m ready and when I feel like it! I don’t take orders from anyone!

My heart dropped and I knew I had to change my attitude and fast. I then left the 3rd chamber after prostrating and began reflecting on everything about myself. Later that day I shared my experience with my mother, she laughed and said ’that is so true’. We also talked about the giving birth part and I had been shown by my Divine that I was my mother, giving birth to myself on that same day 16 years earlier. I was overwhelmed by that experience, knowing now what it really was.

I realized that I went through my mother’s pain. However Amma showed me that it was like she had magically put a baby in me and had me give birth to it just so she could have it. As if the baby was actually her child and she was the real mother. I then knew that I was my mother and the baby was me. Therefore I got to be reborn (by myself) to have Amma’s child (which was me).

Also I had remembered that in the second chamber I had asked for my laziness and ungratefulness to be healed. My mum said that when your being born certain things can happen that can become a program which can affect you for the rest of your life. So Amma told me that I was resetting those programs and clearing them by giving birth to myself again. After the clarity of the entire experience I was in immense gratitude.

Ihapera Toka


New Zealand


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