Testimonium 3

Sacred Chamber experience of Swiss Trainer (former atheist) during initiation in India

This is to share with all of you my experiences in the 3 Chambers in India. I attended the Special Deepening Process Nov-Dec 2013 at the Oneness University and I was part of the group selected to have the Sacred Chambers outside of India.


We were prepared in the 1st Chamber to go to the 2 other Chambers. Oneness University teacher Kumarji gave to us all the necessary information and teachings we needed. One of them particularly kept my attention: when we go to the 2nd and 3rd Chamber, we have to be humble because we are going to meet God. I was an Atheist for years up to recently: for me, Life was all about energies from the ugliest to the most beautiful.

And as I was a very good unawakened Atheist, my strong mind decided that the Deeksha was the most marvelous and magical energy I had ever met, but nothing divine ! It is only in September 2012 when I was awakened that I have started to have powerful mystical experiences. The first one I had immediately followed my awakening and changed my life for ever: I was invited to meet God and I had accepted His invitation.

Due to my strong past as an Atheist, when I heard Kumarji teaching about Humility, my heart was wondering if those last months I became humble enough to be again formally presented to God ! Because the first time, when I received God’s invitation to meet Him, I was just awakened since few minutes and I was still very ignorant. But now I was awakened since more than one year and I am living deeply and deeply in Oneness !

I was suddenly obsessed to be humble enough when entering into the 2nd Chamber. I had no more questionings, no more wonderings, no more desires other than being humble enough to meet God so formally again. My heart understood that it was my first step into the 2nd Chamber and that my authentic humility would open the door to my next growing step. My heart understood that everything which would happen into the 2nd and the 3rd Chamber would depend on how authentically humble I would be !

Consequently, before going into the 2nd Chamber, I walked around the Temple many times chanting continuously the mantra: “I am Humility, I am Humility, I am Humility, I am Humility, I am Humility, ….” And I started to feel amazing changes in the energies of my 6 bodies and of all my multidimensional bodies.

I did it until I could feel all my cells, my blood, the water of my body, and my chakras in and out of my physical body to vibrate like the Humility’s vibration. I started to feel a tremendous joy to be more and more humble, and to be in Oneness with Humility’s vibration. My Humility became like a divine music vibration flow down to the Center of Earth and up to the Universe. My heart felt ready to enter into the 2nd Chamber.

In the 2nd Chamber, in front of the Sri Murthi, totally out of my control I suddenly between sobs tried to explain how sorry I felt for having being blind, ignorant and atheist for so many years. I received an amazing Deeksha which transported me into a no space and no time place and I received the most unbelievable teaching about Atheism, Agnosticism, Paganism, various worldwide Religions and Spiritual Practices of any types, which was like a kind of “Humanity Life Review” with all its variations and subtleties in human behaviors, beliefs and acts !

After being at the Oneness University, I was at the God University ! It is impossible to explain the incredible immense amount of knowledge, explanations, clarifications, perspectives I received about Humanity Past, Present and Future in only 3 minutes …. This experience was so intense that I was shaking all over with fever. I touched the Padukas (sacred sandals) and said with deep and authentic love and gratitude: “God, I am now Your Servant”.

I came into the 3rd Chamber without expectations, nor questions or desires. I was just with the flow of What It Is. Still shaking all over from the 2nd Chamber’s experience, I kneeled down in front of the Sri Muthi, touched the feet of Sri AmmaBhagavan and immediately received an amazingly powerful Deeksha: my brain was like in a fruit juice extractor machine !

When the Deeksha was finished, I heard a very deep and melodious male voice saying to me: “You were a Servant, now you are a Nobody”. My body was not any more responding to me and I could not stand up and leave. The Dasa (monk) in charge of the Chamber called a lady from outside to come in to help me to walk out. While waiting for her, I remembered that I had forgotten to ask for what I needed, and I had time to pray for some wishes I had before leaving the Chamber.

With all my Love and Gratitude to Sri AmmaBhagavan.

Isabelle Anakiya Mia, Oneness Trainer from Switzerland


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