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Great SpiritSKYPE DARSHAN MET AUSTRALIË – February 8, 2014

Hieronder, zie transcriptie, beantwoordt Sri Bhagavan enkele vragen over o.a. het Sacred Chambers proces tijdens een inpspirerende Skype Darshan met Australië.


Opmerking: De video van deze Darshan van 8 februari kwam beschikbaar in april 2014, maar blijkt sinds kort niet meer online te zijn.

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Q1. Can you please explain for all the new people who have gathered around Australia today the 3 part journey of which you speak Bhagavan. The journey of awakening, transformation and God Realization.

In the first phase, we speak about awakening. By awakening, what we mean is, a certain change in the physical brain. Because of which you will be able to stay with the “what is” without effort. That is the first step and that is the last step. Once that starts happening, and it exceeds 49 minutes, the physical heart begins to transform. We call that transformation. and then you move into higher levels of awakening.

This change of heart, this transformation of the heart is when you discover Christian love — what Christ talks about, you will discover that love. And then of course, as the process continues, you begin to submit your will to the will of God. That is the next phase. And then still higher up all views disappear, all cravings disappear. And as you still go up, all that is there is only your Self. You alone exist, nothing else exists. Then begins the journey towards God which we call God realization.

So we first start with awakening, then transformation, then God Realization. But what is important is this change in the brain which helps you to stay with the “what is” without effort. That is the first step. All else is automatic. There is nothing for you to do. Like you get a flight ticket and get into the flight and the flight takes you wherever you should go. Similarly, if you could stay with the “what is” without effort –With effort not much use. It should be without effort.

That is why the brain has got to change. Once that happens, it’s all automatic. You keep looking at the “what is”. You be with the “what is”. You see the “what is”. You experience the “what is”. The “what is” is your book, that is your text, that is your scripture. The “what is” is your Guru. The “what is” is your teacher. The “what is” guides you thereafter. Your autopilot — everything comes from the “what is”. It knows where to take you. What to do. All that happens. So all that you must to do is stay with the “what is” without effort. All else follows.

Q2. Bhagavan, as the Sacred Chamber process is now beginning here in Australia, can you please explain to us, Bhagavan, what people can expect from undergoing this process?

The sacred chambers are a short way to awakening, transformation, God realization, and sorting out all problems. In Oneness there are two ways: the long way and the short way. The long way you depend only on yourself. You apply yourself. You put in your effort. You do not depend on God. It is completely your effort. You have the choice to go that way.

The other is, you depend on God to do things for you. When that happens, it is very, very fast. It’s up to you to choose whatever path you want. You can say, “I do not want God. I will do it on my own”. That’s perfectly fine. But some would say, “I need God’s help”. Then take God’s help. Now By God here we mean your personal God. The God you create. It could be Christ, it could be the Virgin Mary, it could be the Buddha, it could be Krishna, it could be anybody. It’s all yours. You have to create your God. And that’s very crucial.

If you create a judging, punishing God, you’re not going to be helped much. It depends on you. You have to create a loving God, a kind God, a non-judging God who will help you very, very fast.  If you create that kind of God, then in the Sacred Chambers, you will get help from God.

In the Sacred Chambers, if you follow the instructions correctly, your God will become physical.

So at the first level, you will see physical movements in the picture. Then you find your God coming out of the picture. But if you try to touch your God, your hands will go through your God. So we call that “physical, non-physical”. That is, it looks physical, but you cannot touch it.

At the second level, it becomes “physical, physical”. That is, you could see your God, you could also touch your God. You could feel the breath, you can feel the the heartbeat, you could feel the warmth of the body. All that you could feel. But still, you cannot photograph.

At the third level it becomes, “physical, physical, physical”. Your God looks physical. You can hear him speak. You could touch him or her whatever your God is you could touch. And you could also take photographs. You could pull out your cell phone camera if it is allowed and you could take a picture and the picture will come. And of course, you could talk to your God and ask whatever you want.

Now, suppose karma is preventing you from creating wealth or failure in life or sickness. Then you would ask for clearance from karma. That would be done. Suppose your problems arise from your wrong programming at the moment of conception, what happened in the womb, or the delivery, or the first six hours, or first six years. That could be changed in the sacred chambers. It could be completely changed within minutes. That could happen.

Suppose you want wealth. You could ask for it, and you would be granted wealth. Your God will tell you as when the money will come, how it will come. Those details also will be given to you. Suppose you want to have a life partner. You could ask for a life partner, you will get that. You want to have a child, you could have a child. You could think of anything. It’s between you and your God. Your God would give it to you.

So, this is a game changer. This is a game changer for humanity. Very often you must have thought if God were there, why not he come before me, why not he talk to me, why not he help me. That’s exactly what’s happening. We have in India now over 700 of these Sacred Chambers and people are flocking there every day and almost all their prayers are getting answered. For some people the healing is done immediately. For some people, God says come back after two days, or five days or come five times or seven times. And regular surgeries are happening. All kinds of tumors are disappearing. And many get the smell of the hospital. It’s all happening. It’s totally unbelievable. What’s happening cannot be believed. One has to experience it. One has to see it.

So things are getting easier and easier. Similarly you could ask for awakening. It’s very, very fast. You could ask for transformation. It’s very, very fast. You do not have to struggle staying with the “what is” all these things. If you want you could do, but all have to do is ask “please help me to stay with the what is.” It’s finished.The brain is rewired and everything happens. You could ask for unconditional love and the heart is transformed. And you will discover unconditional love. It’s so quick and so fast.

The only problem is you sometimes wonder “How is this possible?” That is the problem. You have to simply become childlike. For every child that comes to the sacred chambers, God is physical. Because children are childlike. If you could become childlike. It’s a very, very simple thing. And what you got to understand is no matter who you are, what you are, you could be the most terrible sinner on the planet, your God does not judge you. Your God loves you. Your God fully accepts you. And your God is ready to do anything for you. You must be clear about that. If you are going to condemn yourself or judge yourself, it is not going to happen. All that you must know is that your God has nothing but love for you.

Q3. Bhagavan, Oneness teaches us that after awakening we have to stay with the “what is” without judgment, without labeling, and that content is not important. Recently certain emotions and worries kept bothering me. I was trying to stay with the “what is”. However my mind kept on associating these emotions and worries with specific past events or a person. I had no choice but simply stay with the emotion. And sadly so, by doing so, the negative effects and image of the person kept lingering in my mind. This bothers me as the law of attraction is working out quite strongly. The more I stayed with the “what is”, the more I kept bumping into the negative incidences and person. Am I doing something wrong, Bhagavan? Can you please give me some guidance.

If you try staying with the “what is” with effort, this kind of thing would happen. You have got to stay with the “what is” without effort. That is, applying all your energy and paying attention to the “what is”. We generally dissipate all our energies. We have to gather all those energies and simply apply it there. When energy is applied to anything, that thing undergoes a transformation. For example, If you apply energy to ice, ice becomes water. If you apply energy to water, it becomes vapor. So whatever the thing is there, if you apply energy to it, it undergoes a transformation. Like ice becoming water or water becoming vapor. Similarly here, if you apply all your energy to the “what is”, the “what is” undergoes a transformation. But it must be done without effort.

However, we’re not so concerned about that transformation. That’s something like a byproduct. But simply staying with the “what is” or being with the “what is” without effort, that itself gives you freedom, it gives you joy. It gives you happiness. That is how man has got to live. The “what is” undergoes a transformation. That’s a kind of bonus. So we aren’t concerned so much about that. We are focusing on helping you stay with the “what is” without effort. Either we give you deekshas and do the rewiring, Or you go into the Sacred Chambers and the Lord will do it for you. God can do it in no time. It’ all different. It becomes child’s play. It becomes natural like breathing. Staying with the “what is” becomes natural to you. It’s as simple as that.

Q4. How do we continue to thrive on our beautiful planet, Mother earth when scientists are revealing the truth regarding climate change and our continued degradation of the planet. How do we prevent these things from occurring.  I’m usually a very positive person, but I’m feeling vey challenged when I view the latest research. And my children wish to not to have their own children due to the world being in peril. What do I tell them, Sri Bhagavan? Please give us hope.

In the next twenty years, we are going to have unbelievable technological breakthroughs. These breakthroughs are going to transform our lives and our planet and these technologies would not destroy our planet. They will help revive our planet. Besides that, we are going to also have a revolution in human consciousness. As more and more people get transformed, get awakened, and get God realized. That transformation also would help the planet to revive itself. So it is going to happen in two ways. One is, there is going to be tremendous, unbelievable changes that will transform human life. The other is, man himself is going to be so transformed that he’ll become very protective about the environment and that very change in consciousness would also affect the planet which will revive itself.

Q5. I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. I went through the Oneness Shrine in Sydney. After the second time, I felt something lifted from my body. But my hand and leg are still shaking. Does healing happen instantly or should I go through the chambers again. How will I know I have been permanently healed?

In 90% of cases, healing happens instantaneously at one go. But in other cases. it takes sometimes days or weeks. If you could talk to your Lord, you could ask him as to when you will be healed and how many times you should come. Otherwise, if there is somebody there who is able to talk to their God, you could ask them to talk and find out for you. How many days you must come and when you should come. And in your case, you might have to go and ask for karmic clearance. There is some kind of karma which is creating it for you. If that happens, your healing will be much quicker. But definitely you would be healed as you keep going, there will be improvement. And once the karma is cleared, it will be very fast. Why it’s taking time is there is karmic obstacle which is slowly being removed. But you would be healed.

Q6. Dearest Bhagavan, at times I feel  my awakening has stalled. Why I am still reacting to past patterns with my parents and loved ones? How does one get free of these patterns once and for all and experience love and divine grace in each moment?

The simplest thing for you would be to go to the Sacred Chambers where it will happen very, very fast. You do not have to keep struggling with it.

Q7. We were given levels of awakening in India. What is the one thing that we can do to expand our consciousness into higher and higher levels of awakening and oneness with the divine? How do we know we are transformed? 

Suppose you want to look at yourself. You need a mirror. Now, here the mirror is relationship. Relationship is the mirror in which you could see yourself. If your relationship is improving, it means you are getting transformed. And conversely, if you keep working on your relationships, starting of course with your parents, then your spouse, your children, your friends, your relatives, you will see everything is changing. Relationship is the key.

You have to focus on that. If nothing is hurting you, and if you feel joy in relationship. Looking at your hustband, if you get joy. Look at your wife, you get joy. Look at your parents, you get joy. Realationship must give you joy. That means you are getting transformed. Otherwise you’re stuck somewhere. So work on relationships and you could take the help of the divine for that too. And that’s where you have to measure yourself.

Q8. Dearest Bhagavan, If all creation and creativity is the divine, be it your ability to sing a song, play an instrument or write a poem, how can we open more and more to divine creation in our everyday lives to create more art and beauty in the world?

The more and more you get closer to the divine, you find that you experience more and more freedom. And this freedom means freedom from the past. So what happens is the more the divine comes into your life, there is a change in your consciousness whereby you experience more and more freedom. By this freedom, we mean freedom from the past. And once there is freedom of the past, you become extremely creative. It is the past which is preventing you from being creative. The past could be there, but it should not make use of you. You should make use of the past. So once you get the freedom, be it fields of music, art, architecture, science, or technology, whatever the field is, you would become extremely creative.

Q9. Dearest Bhagavan, I have had the experience of complete unconditional love where I was connected to everyone and felt such deep love for everyone and everything and nothing could take me away from this. I want to be in this place where I am at one with all, all the time. Why does this go away? Is there anything I can do to experience this love all the time?

The brain rewiring has to be done permanently. Then the state also is permanent. So, all that you need do is since you already had it, you could go into the Sacred Chambers and ask for that state to come back. And the divine would rewire your brain on a permanent basis and that would become a permanent state for you.

Q10. Dear Bhagavan, What can awakened people do to bring more love and kindness to humanity?

As more and more people become awakened, as more and more people get transformed, it would automatically spread among humanity and more and more people would automatically arrive there. People will become very loving, they will become very kind and they will sustain each other. Nobody would just only be living for himself or herself. They will live for the sake of others. They will try to sustain the other. This one will sustain the other one. The other one will sustain him. That is how humanity is going to live. So all that will happen as more and more  people get awakened and  more and more get transformed.

Q11. Dear Bhagavan when asking for blessings for my ancestors I received a message to look into my family history and found that I have indigenous ancestry. How can the oneness community serve the indigenous people of Australia?

The best way to serve the indigenous people of Australia is to start the Sacred Chambers in their places and make them go through the Sacred Chambers and you’ll see how happy and joyful they will become.

Q12. I am a blessing giver and long time devotee to you and Oneness. The trainers seem to be given opportunities to serve Oneness in various ways. But I would like to ask what do you see the role of blessing givers in the future. Will we be able to set up Chambers or have any other type of seva to you?

The blessing givers too in the future will be able to set up Sacred Chambers. However, in the meanwhile, their role will be to send people to the Sacred Chambers. Now when they keep doing that, they earn tremendous good karma which they could encash in whatever way they want either for health or wealth or relationship. Because you need good karma to grow very fast in life. One of the best ways to earn good karma is to send people to the Sacred Chambers. You could do that.

Transcript by Noni Kaufman



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