Testimonium 11

New Zealand – April 28, 2014

‪Namaste, Deep Gratitude and Love for the Divine hand at play throughout the Sacred Chamber Process today – something  profound is happening for the people who go through this Divine Process – as facilitators we feel this.

One woman shared: “I work with the youth they are either alcoholics or drug addicts – some are as young as 13 – I get soo tired – a drain of energy – my experience of today’s process was incredible peace – a deep deep peace – I can’t describe it – I feel rejuvenated – like I’m refreshed as though I’ve just had a holiday. This I can take with me into my work place”.

We are very aware of this peace. It’s deep – very deep in all our Sacred Chamber Processes. Another shared of the peace and how he had an experience that he was forgiven for things that he had done – he was in a space of such Love, Gratitude and Humbleness for what he had received.

We feel incredibly Grateful that the Paramatma’s presence is being strongly felt – it’s an incredible Presence that is doing incredible things. It is touching our hearts deeply as we witness what’s happening for people. Others shared beautiful experiences of incredible Joy – big releases crying crying hard out then, it was like the tear tap was suddenly turned off – this woman said that she felt different in her body. Everyone had a beautiful experience.

Much Love to Everyone,

Jane & Theo



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