Testimonium 13

April 20, Taiwan

‪A 65-year-old lady:  It was my second time to come to the three sacred chambers. I had a stroke before Chinese New Year and my right hand and right leg were paralyzed.  All of my money including those my children gave me was taken away by someone.  I was originally afraid that I had no money before. This was a big frustration for me so that I thought I had a stroke.

I came to the three sacred chambers for the first time a month ago. I didn’t remember the miracle happened before or after the three sacred chambers. When I was sleeping at home, a strong power pulled and stretched my right paralyzed hand and leg. After being stretched, they were loosening up and comfortable. Last time the guide told me to ask Sri Amma Bhagavan to cure my right hand and leg and to use my left good hand to put my right hand on Sri Amma’s right hand for blessing. After that, my body was improving everyday so I was at ease.

Now, I still needed a walker and others to help me go upstairs. But I could go to the toilet by myself. This time, I told Sri Amma Bhagavan that I wanted my hand and leg were healed well and quickly. I was willing to share my miracle in the future.

And, In the morning the next day I can stand up straighter. I really appreciate it.


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