Testimonium 4

Sacred Chambers Experience in Atlanta, Georgia U.S.

My experience today was amazing and started in the first chamber as soon as we began the contemplation. My 3rd and 4th chakras were buzzing the entire time. When I was in the 2nd chamber I thought I was imagining things when I saw Kalki’s robe move several times. Then, as I was speaking to him, his eyes changed. It was like they disappeared, got fuzzy and then came back to the eyes in the Sri Murti. Just to be sure it was real and I wasn’t imagining it all, I asked Kalki for a sign he was there and listening to me. Then there appeared a golden light like a halo above the shoulders of his robe and over his head. I was filled with so much gratitude.

I then entered the third chamber. Almost immediately after I started talking to Bhagavan, his entire head was replaced by his live head moving around as I spoke. It reminded me of a Harry Potter moving photograph because of how real it was. I was so excited to have Bhagavan become physical in my first visit to the chambers.

When I got home that evening, it was the night of the U.S. and Canada Community Livestream. The last question was about how to deal with charges when they come up. This was perfect timing since one of the things I had asked Bhagavan for in the chambers was how to work through a  powerful charge I had been struggling with for a few months with a close friend. Dasa Dougiji explained a step by step process of how he handled his charges. Then he led us in a meditation about facing a particular charge. This was just what I needed to hear!  So grateful to have been on that call as I almost missed it entirely due to a bad link. (Divine Grace in action)

Immediately after the Livestream, I went to sit with Bhagavan in front of my Sri Murti and talked some more about the charge and my struggles to clear it. As I spoke to him, his eyes became alive as if he was telling me the charge had been taken care of. I felt an immediate shift and I jumped up for joy and sang and danced with my Divine Beloved. I can no longer feel the charge. I am completely at peace and able to talk to my friend about it without any judgment or discomfort.

I had so much energy flowing through me after the clearing that and it was very late in the night but I could not sleep, the energy was moving through me and every cell of my body seems involved in it. At one point I had a physical kriya, my shoulders moved back and forth without my control for a short time as if something was being loosened or dislodged. So much guidance came through me last night I had to get up several times to write things down. My fear of moving forward with my life purpose seems an issue from the distant past and I feel so confident of my ability to follow where my Divine leads me now. I am already taking action.  I am a changed person completely. Even my Chiropractor today confirmed I was not the same person she worked on only weeks before.

Jai Bhagavan for this amazing Miracle!!!

Gail Hagenbuch

Trainer, Atlanta, Georgia


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