Testimonium 10

The Divine Becomes Physical in Barcelona Sacred Chambers

One girl came to the Sacred Chambers in Barcelona and asked God that she wanted to see her divine physicaly. Once the process finished she took the subway to go home and she saw Bhagavan sitting in front of her. She is new in Oneness so she doesn’t have a great bond with Bhagavan. She was telling her experience to her therapist and this is a part of the conversation:
– (Pointing to Bhagavan’s Srimurti) This man was sitting in front of me.
– But someone similar??
– No, no, it was THIS man.
– And he was dressing the same??
– No, he was dressing outerwear.
– But was physical??
– Yes yes, everybody could see him and touch him.
– !!!!
– He came to me and sat near me and started to answer all the questions that I made in the Sacred Chambers and to give me solutions to some problems. After that he gave me a card with a phone number and told me to call him whenever a need help or something and then he went away.
– And you call to that number?
– Yes but the number doesn’t exist.

Nandita, April, 2014


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