Testimonium 5

Sacred Chamber process in Germany

On 25.1.2014 I visited my first 3 chambers process.

I asked in the 2nd chamber for the liberation of all psychological fears.
Especially for the liberation of the fear of existence – the fear of having no money, the fear of having not enough money. This fear bothered me for a long time and I suffered from it a lot.

In the 3rd chamber I realized a very strong präsenz (presence) and it felt really, as if there is somebody with me in there. Bhagavan answered immediately when I looked at him, to the questions, which I had thought about the day before, to ask him. I didn’t even have to think about this questions again!

After the 3rd chamber I felt, over several hours, very strong divine Energies – especially in my head! My whole body got shaken several times. In the week, after my visit in the 3 chambers, I realized, that the fears were gone! I was very amazed and I’m endless grateful, because I have a really completely new life since then! And I can really say, that also the fear of existence is gone, permanent, since this week after my chamber visit.

Sometimes it appears a little bit in the mind, and disappears than immediately! I feel very good taken care of, by AmmaBhagavan, also financially! There happened again and again smaller and bigger money-miracles, and often I’m amazed, how the divine arranges it that things happen to my financial advantage! I thank you (host of the chambers) heart fully (heartfelt thanks?), that you offer the 3 chamber process!

And for me, is the topic of your chambers completely clear: the liberation of fears!
It is really very excellent, how much my life has changed, ever since – so much more free and more light and soooo liberated from suffering!!!

Thank you very much!
Thank you very much AmmaBhagavan!

Lovefull greetings,



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