Testimonium 9

Miracle Healing from Leukemia after the Sacred Chambers process in Singapore

May 3 – From Thomas Koh Choon Kiang, Singapore

Jan 2010

“I was first diagnosed with Leukemia and went through about 9 months of intensive chemotherapy as there was no match for a transplant, even amongst my family members. My leukemia is t-cell leukemia, which is very rare. The miracle is that I survived till this day. The survival rate is low, usually 6 months-1 year.

Oct 2010

In fact, I went into a coma at the ICU in Singapore General Hospital, after my heart and kidney failed, due to an infection. I “saw” Bodhisattva Kuan Yin (with her 2 disciples). Bodhisattva Kuan Yin gave me something to eat. I then turned and ran away, and soon after found myself out of my coma.

Subsequently, my bloodstream looks good except for my central nervous system (CNS) – cancer cells were still found there. I continued my chemo treatment.

Between 2011 and Dec 2013

I had 5 relapses i.e. some cancer cells were found again after each treatment.

But really, the fact that I managed to survive this long is itself, a miracle since the survival rate is very low, yet I survived through all my relapses.

June 3013

I came to know Oneness through friends Christine ji and Alan ji and attended the OAC course.

Feb/Mar 2014

I went through the 3-chambers process for 1st & 2nd time, at Hong Amma’s centre. Both times, I saw Bhagavan & AmmaBhagavan came out of their Sri Murthy in 2nd & 3rd chambers. I asked for their blessing for good health, transformation, wealth, God realization. Both times I came out feeling high/floating and sleepy.

However, on 2nd time, when I came out of the 2rd chamber, I also saw that (huge SriMurthy) Mukti Bhagavan’s robe was white in color, instead of the usual yellow robe Bhagavan.

My 3rd chamber process was at (Indian chambers) Silvy ji’s place. There I saw Sri Bhagavan came out of Sri Murthy, behind him, the background was all white. I focused on only 1 request – to be healed from cancer. I felt much better and energized after each chamber process.

In the 4th visit to the chamber process, Bhagavan’s eyes were blinking and I felt sleepy, tired.

The following day, I went for my scheduled chemotherapy and test. The test results: No trace of cancer!! It was simply amazing. I now feel normal, am no longer feeling tired again.

Recent visit 27/4/2014

On my 5th visit to the Chambers process

Two weeks later I was on Sevak duty (dienstbaarheid/vrijwilligerswerk) in these chambers and did my chamber process too. Feeling great with heartiest thanks and Gratitude to each and everyone who were part of my miracle healing. Thank you dasaji for your prayers too, whenever our prayer request were send out. A Big Thank you to all the Blessing Angels. And to the Divine Kuan Yin, and my Beloved Sri AmmaBhagavan.

Jai Bolo Vaitheeswarya Paramatma Bhagavathi Bhagavan Ki Jai ! Thank you Amma…Thank you Bhagavan.

Koh Choon Kiang Thomas


Oneness Singapore


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