Testimonium 2

Sacred Chambers Experience from Yuria Rojas in Mexico  

January 27, 2014

I have no words to describe my feelings and emotions but I’ll try.

As soon as I got to Itzel’s place, just by getting in the apartment I was able to feel the Presence. At the opening ceremony we chanted the Moola Mantra 108 times and afterwards the 108 names of Sri Amma. From that moment on, I was able to feel something, a headache from the mid-center area to the front started; not realizing it was the presence of this Divine Energy.

Later, when we started the Chambers’ process I felt that my mind was totally knock-out; my mind wasn’t able to put into words the senses I was feeling; so I let myself go with the process. During the contemplation of the 1stChamber I was really not able to see all the 8 points in a row. But while I was waiting my turn to get in, I started realizing my fears, my hurts, my insecurities. At the beginning it was easier to me being able to identify what other people has done to me; and little by little I was able to see what I have done to others. I realized that one of my biggest fears was to be in touch with God, to be in the Divine Presence. One of my insecurities relies on the fact of being accepted as part of the phenomenon. There was even a moment that I thought on not getting in the chambers. But my turn came in, my mind didn’t want it and my body had a little resistance. When I got in, I showed the Divine all those fears, insecurities and hatred as well as my non-acceptance as of who I am. When the Divine told me to take deeksha from the padukas I surrender. Sometimes I wasn’t even able to look in to the eyes of Sri Kalki Bhagavan; my fear was shown through crying, I wasn’t  able to stop. In that 1st Chamber I was able to see and feel that fear; fear of not being accepted by God as I am. I kindly asked the Divine to heal my body, mind and spirit and to prepare myself.

My turn came to go to the 2nd Chamber. Suddenly, my perception of fear changed into acceptance, joy and love. At that chamber I realized that the Divine has never left me aside. I was able to view as a flashlight the past events where the Divine has been with me; so I was more than grateful for that Sri Amma started laughing with me and Sri Bhagavan just did a slight eye movement. The energy felt in this chamber is of comfort and joy; I felt the Divine Father and Mother energy taking care of me. I was able to feel their love and blessings. When I got out of the last chamber my body was shaking and I was very cold, though my hands were very hot.

I’m so happy because, in a couple of weeks I’ll be travelling to India, for the deepening process and for Sri Bhagavan’s birthday! I’m so happy that I am able to go hand in hand with my Divine who is taking care of me to celebrate this auspicios moment and I’m certain that this small bit of process will grow inmensily!

Thank you God for your Presence in this Era, for our awakening and for being able to go beyond countries and reaching my country. Mexico and all the mexicans need to feel your presence. This beginning is something big, I wonder how it will be as soon as we have more Oneness Shrine Centers throughout the country. It will be amazing!


Yuria Rojas

Mexico City


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