Testimonium 14

Experience of a 50-year-old lady – April 9, 2014

In the 1st chamber, I couldn’t focus on what the guide said because a lot of thoughts in my mind were in disorder and I was not sure whether the three sacred chambers were helpful or not. I originally didn’t want to come but my friend persuaded me to come.

I got up at 8 very early in the morning. I didn’t go back to sleep and decided to come. After I came, I saw I suffered from being forsaken by my husband for more than 20 years. I became melancholy and depressive. I didn’t talk much and my foot was hurt very much. I had trouble in walking.

In the 2nd chamber, I told Sri Bhagavan that I had been crazy for 18 years. I couldn’t express myself well and my thoughts were in disorder. Many parts of my body were hurt. I didn’t know how to solve.

Then Sri Bhagavan started to work. There was a warm power coming into my feet. Sri Bhagavan used my hands to touch my own head, feet, and many parts of my body. After touching them, I opened my eyes to look at Sri Bhagavan. I saw Sri Bhagavan was moving. I realized that Divine wanted me to notice Him.

After being purifying, I calmed down. My foot wasn’t swollen. I could walk and stand without pain again. I could express myself and smile again. I was so thankful that my friend brought me here. I was so thankful.


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