Testimonium 12

Taiwan, Peng Yung Chen, male child, 15 months – April 15, 2014

I’m the boy’s mother. He is 15 months. After come back from Ching-Ming festival (tombs sweeping festival), he suffered from diarrhea and vomit for one week. He was out of spirits. We went to see many doctors and Shih-Fu (religious master for energy conflict or karma solution), but he didn’t get better still. Grandfather worried because the boy lost weight of 3 kilograms.

He took roses to 2nd chamber and in there, he took a banana to brush himself.

Bhagavan healed him and made his spirit very pure, the rest returned into light. I myself was so touched.

In 3rd chamber, I experienced AmmaBhagavan’s love. I put the rose petals on his head and my body and I felt Divine’s energy, the healing flow come from up to down. My heart was so touched. The boy was very happy when he opened 3rd chamber door by himself. Every adult can see he is totally different than his previous condition. There was no more heavy or uncomfortable energy. After finished sacred chamber process, he started touching each Paduka in center and even took grandfather to play and run outside. Then, he wanted to eat then returned home happily. Grandfather was so grateful for this and said, “Oneness University transformed his daughter and son, even healed his grandson.” This is his best birthday gift!


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